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The Bass Tank® Academy™ is for EVERYONE - regardless of where you purchased your fishing electronics!  You read that right! We are here to help EVERYONE - and we are not holding back!  Our Nationally known expert and proven knowledge is now easily accessible to you from any Internet enabled device and our IOS/Android Apps!  And, you can be confident that the information we provide is accurate and well proven!

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Membership has its benefits!

Exclusive and expert information you can rely on and trust for accuracy, based on proven experience!
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Installation Course

Annual Subscribers have 24/7 access to our Comprehensive Electronics Installation Video Course ($2,000 value) with more courses coming!  

LIVE Streamed Webinars

The Bass Tank® owner, Scott "The Madd Scientist" Palmer will be conducting these webinars for Members Only.  Stay tuned!

In-Depth How-To Videos

All Subscribers have access to our detailed Member Only comprehensive how-to videos covering all things fishing electronics.


In addition to accessing our exclusive content online, you will be able to download and use our IOS/Android App.  

Tech Support

As a Subscriber you will have access to our tech support team to help you with your questions and troubleshooting needs.  Stay tuned!

Member Only Deals

Exclusive discounts from The Bass Tank® and our Partners - giveaways too!


$24.99 $9.99/mo
Monthly Subscription
  • exclusive content
  • IOS/ANDROID APP ACCESS (stay tuned)
  • in-depth how-to Videos
  • live WEBINARS
  • the bass tank PRODUCT deals


$249.99 $99.99/yr
  •  Access to entire academy
  •  Access to future courses
  •  Priority tech support (coming soon)
  •  THE BASS TANK VIP Product Deals
  •  IOS/Android App (stay tuned)
  •  Live webinars
  •  Giveways

Meet our Team

Scott "The Madd Scientist" Palmer
Owner, The Bass Tank®

The Bass Tank® was founded in 2018 by Scott Palmer, a passionate fisherman who is an engineer by trade. The ultimate satisfaction for The Bass Tank® Team comes from assisting customers in catching more fish.  This is accomplished by getting them the right equipment, with the correct installation, and teaching them how to leverage their electronics to put more fish in the boat.

Johnathan Harrison
Customer Service/Tech Support

Johnathan was hooked on fishing from a very early age. He has won multiple BASS ABA tournaments, and has qualified for the ABA National Championship 4 times. He is also a successful entrepreneur and product developer having been granted multiple patents from the USPTO for designs and utilities. “My passion for fishing and innovation is why I love my home here at The Bass Tank because we share the same passions.”

Jake Keenom
Customer Service/Tech Support

Jake began fishing small tournaments with his grandfather at the age of 4 and that is when the passion was ignited. Since then he has fished a variety of tournaments and is now looking to qualify for a professional circuit. His love of fishing meshed well with the electronics industry which has pushed him to join the The Bass Tank team. He’s excited to help create content for The Bass Tank Academy and share his knowledge of electronics and fishing.

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